About Us

We craft words and design pages to deliver exceptional documents in print and on screen. Based on Canada’s West Coast, our expertise in editing, research, and project management will help your document stand out for its quality, aesthetics, and attention to detail.

Photo of William Green

William Green

Editor / Designer

William Green (Ph.D., M.A.) has authored research articles, served as manuscript editor for major scholarly volumes, and has taught courses in literature, research, writing, and professional communication at universities in Canada and the United States. He received his doctorate in English from the University of British Columbia and also holds an M.A. in English and the history of text techonolgies from Florida State University.

Photo of Taylor Morphett

Taylor Morphett

Proofreader / Indexer / Editor

Taylor Morphett is completing a Ph.D. dissertation in English at Simon Fraser University where she is also editorial assistant for the journal Discourse and Writing / Rédactologie. She has presented her research at Canadian and international conferences on rhetoric and writing studies and holds an M.A. in English and a Certificate in German Studies.