Our services

We specialize in editing, design, and production work for the academic and non‐fiction trade markets. We also offer a range of development, editing, and design services for businesses and professionals. We can work with you to take your project from first draft to camera‐ready, from initial inspiration to digital realization, or help with any task in between.

  • Line editing

    After discussing your project with you in order to understand your vision and big-picture goals for your project, we carefully review your manuscript both holistically and with line‐by‐line attention to detail to ensure a style that is natural, readable, and convincing. Careful line‐editing (sometimes called stylistic editing) helps you express your argument with clarity, concision, and consistency.

  • Copy editing

    Our extraordinary skill as copy editors will ensure your text is free from usage errors and conforms to the required style manual. In this portion of the editing process we identify and correct technical mistakes in the writing: misspelled words, misused punctuation, grammatical errors, incorrect word use, and other solecisms.

  • Content editing

    Also referred to as structural or development editing, during content editing we work closely with you as you develop and revise your project to help you formulate your ideas expressively, identify brilliant ideas to highlight, point out potential problem areas, suggest tactics to sell your argument, and ensure that your text expresses makes its point precisely and compellingly.

  • Proofreading

    Before final publication, a proofreader carefully compares typeset proof pages to the edited manuscript to check for errors introduced during typesetting, such as missing text or pages, hyphenation and punctuation errors, and pagination and other layout issues. We make sure your book looks perfect when it comes off the press, just as you envisioned it.

  • Fact‐checking and research

    We have extensive expertise in archival and historical research, and excel in verifying information, fact‐checking manuscripts, finding answers, and knowing how to ask the right questions.

  • Thesis and dissertation editing

    We work with graduate student authors to copy-edit and proofread theses and dissertations. You’ve completed a lot of hard work in preparing a draft of your thesis — we know that it’s also important to you that it look polished, professional, and free from language errors, and we’d be delighted to help you with the finishing touches. We can format your thesis or dissertation document and assist in the technical aspects of preparing your work for submission, and are experts with Office, Acrobat, and . We are also very familiar with all commonly (and many uncommonly!) used style and referencing standards, inclduing those of the University of Chicago, Oxford, and the MLA.

  • Indexing

    A thorough and thoughtful index makes a book a pleasure to read and use. We apply our skill in careful and critical reading to look at your text from your eventual users’ diverse perspectives, creating an index that points readers to the information they are seeking, even when they aren’t sure precisely what they’re looking for.

  • Typesetting and book design

    Books and other publications should be as visually beautiful as they are well‐written. We enjoy working with you to help you find a combination of layout, typeface, and visual style that presents your writing at its finest. We are fluent with multiple layout and design solutions, including and Adobe InDesign, to meet your design and prepress requirements.

  • Markup and prepress

    After your text and design is finalized, we can handle all the techincal details that have to be taken care of before your work is published, like using XML or another markup language to describe the structure of the text and its display, typesetting the text, and producing artwork for the printer.

  • Technical writing

    Developing an internal handbook? Documenting systems, interfaces, or processes? Building a proposal? Clarity, attention to detail, and an in‐depth understanding of the situation and the client requreiments are all necessary. We can help.

  • Digital document design and development

    Elegant and user‐centered digital texts help your ideas stand out and get noticed. We design and implement responsive, accessible, and technically correct interactive documents for user experiences that stand out, for publication on the web and elsewhere.